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Dr. Stephen Blackwood (Ralston College)

Prof. Olivier Boulnois (Ecole pratique des hautes études, Paris)

Prof. Kevin Corrigan (Emory University)

Prof. Stephen Gersh (University of Notre Dame)

Prof. Garth Green (McGill University)

Prof. Philippe Hoffmann (Ecole pratique des hautes études, Paris)

Prof. Paul Kalligas (University of Athens)

Prof. Anders-Christian Jacobsen (Aarhus University)

Prof. John Kenney (Saint Michael's College, VT)

Prof. Torrance Kirby (McGill University)

Dr. David Leech (University of Bristol)

Prof. Jean-Marc Narbonne (University of Laval)

Prof. Ilaria Ramelli (ORCID) (Sacred Heart University; Durham University; Angelicum)

Prof. Charles M. Stang (Harvard University)

Prof. Harold Tarrant (University of Newcastle, AU)

Prof. Anca Vasiliu (Paris IV Sorbonne)

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The Lost Way to the Good: Divine Will and Celestial Hierarchies
in Islamic and Christian Platonism

Sep 25, 2020

New Interfaith Research Project funded by the Spalding Trust

New Publication - Adamantiana XII: "That Miracle of the Christian World": Origenism and Christian Platonism in Henry More

Sep 08, 2020

New Essay Collection on Cambridge Platonist Henry More, edited by Centre Fellow, Dr Christian Hengstermann

Research Assistantship in the ‘Reception of German Mysticism’

Jun 19, 2020

PhD researcher appointed as part of the ‘Reception of German Mysticism’ grant

Prof. Hedley on Ralston College Podcast 'Reason, Imagination, and Reality'

May 14, 2020

Prof. Douglas Hedley joins Dr Stephen Blackwood on the Ralston College Podcast

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